Pitta Bishop & Del Girono LLC boasts a team of over a dozen experts and experienced lobbyists. Our diverse group of men and women have deep rooted experience and relationships throughout the entire New York Region. With specialties in Government Relations, Client Engagement and Management, and Public or Private Business Expansion, our team will help you navigate around unforeseen obstacles to reach new heights of success.

Government Relations Representation

Pitta Bishop effectively represents client interests at both the State and City levels of government – New York State, New York City, and in the individual boroughs. Our services include client representation before State and City agencies, including but not limited to the Governor’s Office; the New York State Department of Labor; the New York State and New York City Departments of Health; State Division of the Budget; State Attorney General; State and City Comptroller’s Office; Public Advocate; NYC Corporation Counsel; NYC Buildings Department; and the Borough Presidents’ Offices.

We have recently built upon our proven government relations practice capabilities with the inclusion of a full service media relations and communications practice group. Pitta Bishop offers our clients the ability to design and implement targeted media and public relations strategies and initiatives to advance client issues and goals, as well as blunt any opposition media and public relation initiatives.

Client Engagement, Management and Administration

Pitta Bishop maintains a partnership approach to client representation, readily drawing upon its resources in New York City and Albany depending upon the scope and parameters of the initiative. To this end, we closely collaborate and work in concert with our clients to develop a proactive, yet cost-effective legislative agenda that “makes sense” in both the governmental and business environments. At the outset of representation, we help our clients identify important initiatives and goals, and together develop a strategy and tactics to achieve these goals. Periodically, we assess the effectiveness of our strategy and tactics and revise or redirect them as developing circumstances dictate.

Generally, our representation on the State level is led by Robert Bishop and at the City and Borough levels by Jon Del Giorno. Our efforts are supported by Cesar Cardenas, Theresa Cosgrove, Gordon Forbes, Bradford Gonzalez-Sussman, Nadya Stevens, Matthew Mataraso, Vito R. Pitta, and Tina Ward. Former Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro and former New York City Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano are Managing Diretors and anchor the Ststen Island office in St. George. William Farrell is Pitta Bishop’s Communication Director.

Pitta Bishop’s day-to-day client contact centers around the activities of the State Legislature and the City Council. Each year over 10,000 pieces of legislation are introduced in the State Legislature and over 1,000 bills during the City Council’s four year session. Pitta Bishop has developed a legislative tracking system for both the State Legislature and the City Council. We identify, research, and track all client-related legislation from introduction to Executive action at both the State and the City levels.

In addition to our legislative tracking and monitoring system, Pitta Bishop strives to maintain direct and constant communication with its clients. Periodic status reports and conference calls may be provided on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon client needs. Although we rely heavily on email communication for client contact — taking advantage of its immediacy to address the challenges of the ever-changing government relations environment — we do not hesitate to “pick up the phone” and we encourage our clients to do likewise.

Pitta Bishop maintains full service offices in Albany and New York City. Representatives are available for consultation and action on a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week basis, as necessary. While the firm observes traditional business hours and most New York State and New York City government/legal holidays, its staff members are always available by phone and/or e-mail. Additionally, Pitta Bishop representatives are personally available when the New York State legislature and New York City Council is in session.

Public and Private Sector Business Expansion

Our Team has helped craft and achieve successful outcomes in the New York Metro area for large development, complex mix-use projects, the interaction with multi parties on both the strategic level and during negotiations with government entities and the navigation of community interests.

We assist our clients on how best to learn about new markets or expansion opportunities with public assets, franchises, concessions, land acquisitions, financing, interface with federal/ state and local government and elected officials and knowledge and compliance with the procurement process and regulations.

We look at and assist with business strategic plans that include responses to technical specifications required, added value or options, best industry practices, cost benefits, community engagement, pricing models, sub-contractors, labor and the inclusion of minority & women-owned business enterprises.

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