The core government relations practice group of Pitta Bishop  & Del Giorno LLC (“Pitta Bishop”) has been together and has been successfully representing clients for nearly thirty (30) years.  The firm has built a reputation for effective, client-centered advocacy before all New York State and New York City government agencies and regulators. Pitta Bishop engages in New York State and New York City government affairs, lobbying, public and private sector business expansion, election campaign finance consulting, community relations, constituency and coalition building and crisis management.

Our Expert Services

Government Relations Representation

Pitta Bishop effectively represents client interests at both the State and City levels of government – New York State, New York City, and in the individual boroughs.

Media Relations and Public Communications

As a full service government relations firm, we use our extensive experience with the innerworkings of government and leverage it with our relationships with public officials and the New York media to advise our clients with effective public relations services.

Public and Private Sector Business Expansion

Our Team has helped craft and achieve successful outcomes in the New York Metro area for large development, complex mix-use projects, the interaction with multi parties on both the strategic level and during negotiations with government entities and the navigation of community interests.

Pitta Bishop helps clients navigate the maze of state and local government and achieve their organizational goals.

Specifically, the firm offers public and private sector clients experienced representation including:

  • Direct advocacy before all New York State and New York City regulatory, legislative, and executive agencies.
  • Development of legislative, policy, and regulatory initiatives.
  • Legislation and regulation drafting.
  • Compliance consulting in relation to campaign finance and election laws, as well as State and City lobbying laws.
  • Formulation of internal and external public affairs, public relations and media strategies.
  • Development of community relations and constituency building.
  • Advancement of public and private sector contract or franchise procurement efforts.

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